Oppo VOOC Flash Charging: 4x faster-charging speed

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

New Innovation- "A thirty-minute charge will get the mobile phone to 75% of battery. With 4x faster-charging speed than conventional chargers, the VOOC flash charging system will have your phone ready to go when you are on your way out the door"-by Oppo Electronics.


Really, VOOC is a great Innovation for all mobile phone users and as much valuable as Our Smartphone. Today, smartphones have become the itegral part of everyone's lifestyle and no one wants to be away from it for a moment. So, in this situation, requirement of fast charging technology is one of the most essential things to have.

Technology- VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging), flash charging is a fast charging technology developed by OPPO Electronics. It has the capacity to charge selected OPPO devices from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes. VOOC technology uses low voltage and high current than normal at the initial stage. This enables up to 2 hours of talk time in just 5 min charging.


For protection purpose, VOOC uses 5 levels of protection layering from the charging adapter to cable to the interior of the phone. It has replaced the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU; effectively preventing mobile phones from overheating while charging.

Five Layers of Protection

To ensure the safety of both charger and phones, Oppo provided five layers of protection.

  1. Voltage Tester- Adapter Level
  2. VOOC Identification- Adapter Level
  3. VOOC Identification- Phone Level
  4. Voltage Test- Phone Level
  5. Fuse built- Phone Level

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