Under Screen Finger Print Sensor - vs - Rear Mounted Finger Print Sensor

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

Who seals the deal?
The sensor choice: Under Screen Fingerprint Sensor or rear-mounted Fingerprint Sensor?

Here are detailed pros and cons of the two sensors to understand which can be a better buy...

Increasing the screen to body ratio, in Smartphone's Display, can be said to be a beginning of technological aesthetics in the arena of smartphones. In the contest of Increasing the screen to body ratio, Under Screen Fingerprint (In-Screen Fingerprint) feature is setting a new trend and has the potential to overpower the rear-mounted fingerprint feature in Smartphones.

Recently, Vivo launched VivoX21 In-screen fingerprint version with added infrared light configuration. If we compare it with the previous generation technology, this new feature increases fingerprint image accuracy by 50%.

The image range is also wider and the recognition rate is higher, giving a technologically better experience. However, it is a technology of the first generation in the field of the under screen fingerprint.

under screen finger print sensor The above-mentioned points are some of the pros and cons of the Under-display fingerprint (In-Screen Fingerprint) sensor and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which I faced as a user.

Here I'm listing them pointwise again,-


  • Slower than a rear mounted fingerprint sensor.
  • Have to repeatedly place and lift finger from the sensor spot.
  • Takes approximately a minute to register.
  • Takes about half a second to unlock the phone.
  • Placing a finger exactly on the sensor gets a little bit tough in direct sunlight.
  • Takes up the bottom half of the display; should be at a fixed location.


  • Slow, but not unbearably slow.
  • Increases screen to body ratio.
  • Helps in progress towards the bezel-less display.
  • To make unlock easier, a circular fingerprint shaped indicator has been displayed for popping up a finger.
  • It is convenient if the phone is lying on a table, bed etc.

It's relatively new but, it should be more accurate and user-friendly in the coming years.

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