Requirement of Solar Panel for domestic use

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

rating of 150 watt solar panel

Basically, the requirement of solar cells depends on the consumption of electricity. 1 square foot of solar cell can generate 1.5 watts (Rated) of electrical power in direct sunlight. If you have 150 watts solar panel and assume average direct sunlight fall on the solar panel is 6 hours per day. Means that 150 watts Solar cell continuously produces 8 Amp current for 6 hours according to fig data. Then according to above table... How to use solar at home. Total maximum usable power generated by a 150 watts solar = 92.16 watts x 6hr = 552.96 watts hours (Whr) per day.

Note- Capacity of Inverter should be minimum 30% greater than the Load.

Requirement of solar cell for electrical appliances

Appliances Minimum power Rated Solar (watt) Minimum Usable power(watt)
Type Wattage
fan 80 169.27 104
Cooler 180 380.85 234
TV 110 232.74 143
Refrigerator 250 528.97 325
AC 2000 4231.77 2600

And so on ...
Note- Above all data based on practical.

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