Inverter AC Vs Non-Inverter AC

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

Inverter air conditioners are more powerful, offer great savings (up to 64%) depending on various Factors like the outside temperature, purpose for which the AC is used and better at maintaining temperature compared to non-inverter air conditioners

Why Inverter air conditioners?

  • Minimize loss of energy.
  • Produces Less noise (quiter).
  • Reduces Temperature fluctuations.
  • Takes less time to cool.
  • Average power consumption is low.
  • Constant Power supply on Compressor result constant speed of rotation.
  • Smooth swinging piston reduces refrigerant gas leakage.

Technology of Inverter AC

The Inverter technology is the latest evolution of technology concerning the motors used in compressors of air conditioners. The drive converts the incoming AC current to DC and then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces current of desired frequency. A microcontroller can sample each ambient air temperature and adjust accordingly the speed of the compressor and also this makes the inverter AC units quieter.

inverter ac technology

Image 1: AC Inverter Technology

Tabular comparison between Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) and Non Inverter Air Conditioner (AC)

Camparison ParametersInverter (AC)Non Inverter (AC)
How it Works? Inverter supplies variable frequency of power supply on Compressor which easily controls speed of rotation (High/Low) according to need. Constant Power supply on Compressor result constant speed of rotation.
Power Consumption
inverter ac power consumption
  • Inverter system eliminates waste caused by frequent restarting.
  • Average power consumption is low.
non inverter ac power consumption
  • Each restart means starting over from scratch, so consumes extra power.
  • Here Average power consumption is higher.
During Cooling Operation
cooling non inverter ac vs interver ac
  • Takes less time to cool.
  • Reduces Temperature fluctuations.
  • Temperature fluctuations.

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