How to Restrict Android fraudulent apps Permissions

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

While installing android apps we find that many apps ask for permissions to access various features on our device, some of them could be used to provide access to data or resources that include private information of the user or could potentially affect the user data stored on the device or the operation of other devices.
If we denied the permission, we could not install the apps. By providing personal information then we are able to install them. After completion of installation process our personal information being shared with apps. That personal information we have shared with apps are considered as personally identifiable information. Some of them are.....Username & Password, Phonebook contacts, SMS, Email Address, Gallery pictures, Camera, Microphone, Location, and Address etc.
Thinks once, if we provide all the personally identifiable information to the developers through fraudulent apps then what level of frauds will be faced in future. Now we focus on how fraudulent apps can fraud with us. First Username & Password, Some applications can record our keypad activities and store or send it on the server.
Some fraudulent apps ask for permissions to access phonebook contacts, SMS and Email address that contain private data such as One Time Password (OTP). I mean, OTP can have valuable transaction password (Related to Bank). Such types of fraud come under highly risky fraud. Even some image editing fraudulent apps accesses our Image Gallery and camera if we have provided Image accessibility. The image can be private. So these types of accessibility can also be highly risky.
Microphone accessibility through fraudulent apps is the riskiest because it is a kind of silent risk. This type of apps can record some specific type of keywords such as Username, Password, and OTP etc. It was found that some apps keep track of address what the users are consenting to.

Steps for Restricting Permissions

There are some tricks or we can say easy steps to run Android apps on our phone safely with minimum accessibility.

Step-1 Go to setting

fraudulent apps accesses deny setting

Step-3 Select particular apps

fraudulent apps accesses deny setting

Step-2 Installed apps

fraudulent apps accesses deny setting

Step-4 Click on Permission

fraudulent apps accesses deny setting

Note-Users are recommended to read all the permissions required for the app and the privacy policy before proceeding for the installation process.

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