How to Setup wifi Hotspot in iPhones and iOS

By Vinay Prakash on: 08-06-2019

Mobile data of your phone can be used to your other phones, iPads, computer etc by tethering phone's internet over wifi Hotspot. Please follow steps below to setup hotspot in iphone7, iphone 8, iPhoneX on iOS.


Step-1. Go to Settings > Mobile data.


Step-2. Select Mobile Data Network


Step-3. Scroll down to PERSONAL HOTSPOT and enter APN as per your service provider and Username of your choice. The APN can be found on the top of this option. The password is not required.


Step-4. Go back to settings and you will find Personal Hotspot as shown (if not available, restart your phone).



Step-5. Tap on the Personal Hotspot, you will find a slider to turn on hotspot.


Step-6. Auto-generated Password of the Personal Hotspot is shown as per above figure.


Step-7. The default password can be changed by entering the password as per your convenience.


Step-8. Finally, you will find a wifi connection as your phone name (e.g. Monk's iphone), select it and enter your password to use the internet of your iphone.

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